Saturday, 12 November 2011

Thanksgiving Bootcamp Lesson #1 : Setting up Your Fabulous Dessert Table

So the question do you make your Thanksgiving Dessert Table look fabulous? Follow along with these Easy 1-2-3 Steps below:

Step # 1 - Keep it simple. When we say simple, we also mean organized.  Think about grouping your desserts together in sections to give them maximum impact.

Step # 2 - Now that you know you are going to group your desserts for your presentation, decide on your dessert options. So, the rule of thumb, think of 3 different types of desserts.  Everyone is different and with friends and family looking for healthy options as well as the kids looking for lots of sweets you can please everyone.  Here, we chose custom made cookies with fun and "chic" thanksgiving designs as our first option, then we melted marshmallows and butter into a pot coated our popcorn to look like corn on the cob.  Last but not least, are these sassy cupcakes that look like mini pies (the kids LOVE these).  For more detail on how to make these cupcake pies please contact us on twitter @MBParty and we can send you the link for instructions. So we opted for 3 desserts - cookies, popcorn and cupcakes.  From a healthy eating stand point, try and keep all your desserts smaller in size or offer smaller portions of pumpkin pie if that is your dessert choice.  Even just a fun plate of assorted cookies for dessert would keep everyone happy.

Step # 3 -  Plan Plan Plan....decide where you are going to display your desserts whether on a seperate table, your kitchen island, sideboard in your dining room, or just casual on platters on your coffee table.  Pick out which platters you are going to use in advance so you are ready to go the day of.

Stay tuned for our next Thanksgiving Bootcamp Lesson #2 : 

"Break All The Rules with your Table Settings 
for a Super Swanky Look."

Photos by Christine Kufske of Click Photography

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